wedding and portrait photographer in Naples Florida

welcome to New Ground photography

We are, Alex and Greg, two photographers team. Just a couple of ordinary guys with not so ordinary vision of the world. 15 year-old friendship started back in college that has become a business partnership in what we love doing the most which is putting smiles on people’s faces. Yes, we specialize in creating excitement and laughs, friendship and fun. We believe that excellence is a matter of pride, so we do whatever it takes to get those perfect breathtaking shots. It is the biggest reward for us to see the tears of joy on people’s faces when they look at their images. We constantly pick each other brains in search for that “next crazy idea”. Our friends and families say that when it comes to photography, we feed off each other…

We don’t wish to bore you with words. We’ll just say that we’d like to be known not for who we are but for what we do, so we’ll let our work and images speak for themselves. We hope that our pictures bring you the same joy viewing them as they did to us in creating them

our recent work