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It started as a friendship that became something much, much more… Gennis and John met their Senior Year of High School in 2000. But this isn’t your typical story of High School Sweethearts. In fact these two didn’t even see each other as more until many years later. Even though there were times that they were living their lives on other sides of the state, they would still every once in a while check up on each other to see how life was treating them. In fact it wasn’t until 2006 that they moved back into the same county. Old friends re-united, remembering what they saw in each other to become friends in the first place, picked right back up where they left off. Talking about life and enjoying each others company. It wasn’t until 2007 that John started to see his Best Friend as something more, started to see her as someone he wanted to be more then just friends with. Little did either of them know, but they had a mutual friend that was seeing the same thing. Clear as day to the friend, but still a mystery to our couple. It wasn’t really until the friend started asking Gennis what she thought of John, and asking John what he thought of Gennis, that it really started to sink in. They really stated to understand that their friendship and constant contact throughout the years was actually leading to something greater. And even though they each spent years apart growing as individuals, it wasn’t until they took that first step past the ‘friend zone’ and truly knew what it was like to be loved.
Congratulations guys! 🙂

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heritage bay wedding
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Bride’s Getting Ready Place: Waldorf Astoria, Naples
Ceremony: Vanderbuilt Presbyterian Church, Naples
Pastor: Ed Bellis
Reception: Herritage Bay Country Club, Wedding Coordinator Britney Riley
Dress: House of Wu
Tuxs: Mens Warehouse
Flowers: Fort Myers Florist
DJ: New Begginnings Events (Robert and Doreen)

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