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Eduardo, 14 year old boy from California. Evelyn, 14 year old girl from Florida. They were on Christmas vacation in Mexico in a small rural town from which both of their parents are from. As fate would have it they both met a day before they left for home. At that tender age and both being very inexperienced in romancing they just said good bye with heavy hearts and went on their way without as much as an address and a telephone number to keep in touch. Two years passed and they both often thought of each other and wondered what happened to that boy/girl that they met that one beautiful day that had made such a lasting impression. That Christmas they both went on vacation to Mexico. It was Christmas Eve and as a tradition you walk among the streets during the night to view the different reenactments of the life of Jesus in different people’s homes. Amongst the crowds the festive lights and the scents of cinnamon laced hot fruit drinks Evelyn with her family came to the end of the street to a poorly lit corner where another family was approaching. In that instant a tall figure stopped without her being able to see his face, Evelyn knew it was him. She stopped dead in her tracks: “My stomach dropped my heart started beating faster and my smile took over my face. He stepped out of the group and approached me and from there it was history.” They became a couple then at 16 and maintained a long distance relationship for about five and a half years. Then Eduardo moved to Florida and after a year and a half of residing in Cape Coral he proposed on New Year’s Eve. He said he couldn’t think of a better way of starting the year. And on October 8th their seven year chapter came to an end to begin a new one as husband and wife. “And I have to say even after all this time I feel like I can’t wait for the rest of our lives,” said Evelyn.

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