Ritz Carlton Wedding | Melissa + Kerry | Naples Wedding Photography

Melissa and Kerry were introduced by their mutual hairstylist in Denver who had a “download…flash of a thought” that this acupuncturist and chiropractor should meet as holistic health colleagues…but little did they know, she had seen twinkles of love while having this thought form.

After a dinner date at Watercourse organic foods and a day of snowboarding all over Beaver Creek mountain these two were feeling the sparks of something extra special between them.  Then, among other more meaningful feelings and findings, they realized they had the same last 4 digits in the phone numbers, they both had the same crystals hanging from their rear view mirrors and they both had the same x-large, rectangular, farm-style dining room tables for their current families of one. They were getting the hint that their stars were aligning.

After many fly fishing casts into the river to clear his mind and get his thoughts collected to make the call to her dad, Kerry proposed to Melissa on the top of Vail mountain…a vast mountain that has held both a strong emotional charge, as well as the ring of new beginnings. 

Melissa and Kerry celebrated their love and union in Naples, FL in an intimate ceremony with immediate family on the beach after the skies had parted and made way for the sunshine to prevail. 

As we sing in Kundalini yoga:

“May the long time sun shine upon you,

All love surround you,

and the pure light within, 

guide your way on.”

Dress: Justin Alexander (pre-production, one-of-a-kind 🙂
Rings: J. Albrecht Designs. Boulder, CO
Officiant: Suzi Freeman
Ritz-Carlton Special Events Manager: Nicola Long
Chocolatiers: Wally and Kathy Iselin
Weather Forecast analyst and loving chauffeur: William Cadogan

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