Pink Shell Wedding | Zdenka + Andy | Fort Myers Beach Wedding Photography


The story of Andrew and Zdenka began almost 30 years ago. Not knowing about each other then, they grew up on the same street  living in the buildings next to each other. As it turned out later on, even their parents knew each other. As kids, he was playing hockey and running around the neighbourhood while she was strolling a baby doll, they most likely had seen each other already then. Without knowing that they would end up meeting over 1000 miles away, in a different country and continent, falling in love and eventually getting married they went along their own lives. Their path crossed again in 2008 when Andrew went to see his friend in Europe and met Zdenka’s sister who worked for his friend at the time. Striking a conversation it turned out that  her sister lived in Florida and her name was Zdenka. Andrew being from Chicago pulled out his cell phone and called and talked to her since he has often traveled to Florida. That was Andrew`s and Zdenka`s first conversation at the end of which Andrew said that he will call and stop by to visit on his next trip to Florida. This took him a while even though he had taken several trips down her way. Never called or stopped by. Not until 2012 when Zdenka`s sister and cousin came to visit her from Europe. They decided to take a trip to south Florida where Zdenka`s and Andrew`s mutual friend was living. Andrew flew in from Chicago at the same time so they finally  got to meet one another. After talking to each other until the next morning and all day next day and the next day, they both felt strong connection and wanted to spend more time with each other. Andrew was for the next year travelling every month to see Zdenka in Florida to spend as much time with her as possible. As the lovebirds could not stay away from each other and grew closer together  he proposed to her on the glass ledge on top of the Sears tower at the presence of her parents and numerous visitors of skydeck. They decided to get married on the day of their first anniversary, September 15th,  exactly on the same day when they first met. They had a beautiful sunset wedding on the beach at the Pink Shell Resort in front of their closest family and friends.

Flowers: Libby`s flowers – Fort Myers

Dress: House of brides – Chicago

Hair: Red salon & spa – Fort Myers

Wedding Coordinator:  Donny Lubig

Officiate :  Russ Winn

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