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Mark and Kacey first met in February 2005. They were in their hometown of Zanesville, Ohio at a local gym working out late on a Friday night and a mutual friend, Tashia introduced them. A few hours later, they booked plane tickets to Tampa, Florida for the next morning and before you know it, they were on their first date. They both knew it would be the beginning of something special. Things were going great and then Mark fell and bumped his head…not really, but circumstances caused their relationship to end for about 5 years. In November of 2010, they would rekindle their flame in Ft Myers Beach. Must be something about Florida and Tashia that has a way of bringing them together again. Mark was in Ft Myers Beach with his son, Trevor for his birthday and Kacey was there with Tashia and a group of friends for her birthday. From that point forward, they have cherished every moment along with their faith in God knowing He brought them back together. In December, 2011 they were engaged. Mark surprised Kacey at their home with their family and closest friends in attendance. He put together a slide show along with a few favorite tunes from Bruno Mars…Together, forever, could never be long enough for me with you!! Catered food from Kacey’s favorites: Chick-fil-a, Pizza Cottage, large cokes and of course a blue box from Tiffany’s (Legacy Ring) and her response to his proposal was “Absolutely!!” There was no doubt that a Florida wedding was an obvious choice as they have so many great memories down south. They returned to Ft Myers Beach for a destination wedding at The Pink Shell Beach and Marina Resort. 10/11/12 was their special day. With clear blue skies, a white sandy beach, calm ocean waves, precious friends and family, Mark and Kacey became Mr. and Mrs. Scott…a truly memorable day…the best day of their lives.

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Dress: David Tutera
Rings: Tiffany & Co.
Location: Pink Shell
Wedding Coordinator: Dony Lubig
Officiant: Marty Scott (Mark’s Father)
Hair & Make-up: Lori Dalrymple (Kacey’s cousin)
Flowers: Libby’s Flowers
Cake/Cupcakes: Sassy Cakes

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