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Anand and Neha met on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, of all places, in July 2011 while having a dinner with some mutual friends. During this dinner, Neha approached Anand to introduce herself and they got to talking about what they did for a living. When Neha mentioned that she wanted to start her own business, Anand gave her his business card and told her to get in touch when she was ready to move forward with her idea. It was a sneaky way of saying, “Call me!”. Later that evening, Anand discovered that Neha was talking to someone else, which certainly put a damper on his spirits. Oh well.

As fate would have it, they ran into each other again but this time, Neha was apparently angry about something (turned out to be that other guy). She sat down next to Anand and asked, “Hey, can I show you how to box?” and without waiting for a response, she started to punch him on his left shoulder. Quite an icebreaker.

A few weeks later, Anand was following-up with people he had met and decided to reach out to Neha to see where she was with her business idea. One thing led to another and they quickly became friends with a ton in common. After talking for a week, Neha couldn’t resist: she asked him out on a date and came to Atlanta to see him. That Saturday night, Anand realized he was having dinner with the woman that he would one day marry.

On November 12th, Anand drove to Baton Rouge and surprised Neha with a candle-lit dinner at her favorite spot along the Mississippi River. There, he also proposed.

Anand and Neha will be wed in August 2012 in Monroe, Louisiana in front of friends and family from all over the world.
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