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Corey and Melanie  still continue to talk about how they met, all the time.  They feel as though they were meant to meet! Here is a shortened version of their story!
The first time Melanie ever saw Corey, she  noticed him in the Southern New Hampshire University bleachers at a basketball game. He was just a random guy in the crowd, and she thought, “wow he is cute!” Never in a million years did she think she would ever talk to him, let alone marry him. Then one day Melanie was at work, and a coworker asked her if she would be interested in meeting his cousin who was single.  Melanie was always someone who prefered to casually  hang out with someone many times in social situations before she felt comfortable going on a date with them. With that being said, you would think that a blind date would be out of the question. However, it didn’t phase her one bit. She then got a forwarded e-mail from her coworker asking Corey if he was interested in meeting a girl at his work, and Corey said he was very interested!
At first Melanie and Corey connected through Myspace, and the second Melanie looked at his pictures, she realized he was the guy from the crowd at the SNHU basketball game.  Melanie asked him if he had gone to that specific game, and she found out that he was the guy in the red jacket that she had seen!  She was instantly interested!  From then on, they e-mailed each other, and talked on the phone non stop.  They got so excited so excited to e-mail each other all throughout the day, and couldn’t wait until the work day ended so they could talk on the phone for hours. 
They day finally came for Melanie and Corey to meet.  He had asked her to meet up many times, but she was a little bit nervous.  She was always so nervous about dates, nevermind a blind date.  However, Melanie figured she should give it a chance.  She threw a date out there to Corey that she could do, and he was so excited.  Melanie went to the bar in town where she worked, and sat at a high top table waiting for Corey to get there after working that day.  Corey walked through the door, and Melanie thought, “wow!”  Corey thought, “wow, she looks great in her myspace pictures, but she is even more beautiful in person!”  They spent a couple hours talking and having a couple of drinks.  Then the waitress came over and asked if they were ready for their bill.  Corey said “yea, we will take the bill now.”  Although it was late, Melanie instantly thought that he wasn’t interested in her, because he had asked so many times to see her, and he was ready to call it a night.  However, what she didn’t realize is that he had a big final exam the next day that he planned to study for that night, but he was so excited to meet her that he put that off.  He ended up going home after the date and pulled an all nighter studying.  According to him it was worth every second of it! 
Melanie and Corey still reminisce about the day they met.  They also found out later that not only did Corey’s cousin set them up, but Corey’s aunt had once said “Corey, you should meet Jenna’s math teacher, she is really cute.”  She was talking about Melanie, but at that point Corey didn’t know anything about Melanie.  Also, Corey’s co-worker had said, “Corey, there is this cute little blonde girl that comes into the clinic for physical therapy.  You should meet her.”  which was also about Melanie.  How can the couple not feel that they were destined to meet when three different people mentioned the fact that they should meet? 
 Corey and Melanie are so happily in love!  They are both very romantic, and do the cute little things such as leaving notes on each others cars, making cds with songs that remind them of their relationship, etc.  They always have such great conversations and laugh together non-stop.  They call each other daily after work and talk on the phone the whole time until they get home from work (almost 45 minutes later).  They are very active, and love to go on trips as well.  They spend their time together hiking, fishing, biking, running, snow shoeing, skiing, golfing, going to the movies, relaxing in Maine and Florida, and spending time with family and friends.  They have so much fun together, and that is the most important thing! There is never a dull moment with them 🙂
 Melanie and Corey are both extremely happy together, and are so glad to finally be married!  They had the best time with their friends and family, and they are so glad they decided to have a destination wedding!  The memories they made will forever be cherished!  They are now looking forward to the next chapter…..a family!  Corey had tears in his eyes during their first dance when Brad Paisley said “I can just see you with a baby on the way.”  He is beyond excited to start a family with Melanie, and she is equally as excited!  Until then…..

Rings:  Royal Jewelers in Andover Ma
Flowers: China Rose
DJ:  Mobile Sound Entertainment
Dress:  Pure Bliss in Newburyport Ma

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