Marco Beach Ocean Resort Wedding | Raquel + Chris | Florida Wedding Photography

Raquel and Chris met through a mutual friend at a party. They bumped into each other and Raquel introduced herself. Chris didn’t know what to say because her beauty was overpoweringly intimidating. It wasn’t until later that night that they were able to spend some time together- about a whole 5 minutes. There was an instant connection. The following weekend there was a group of friends spending a few days at Disney World. They both hoped the other would be there to spend more personal time together. They were:)Things moved quickly. After one month, Chris had a ring and two months later he packed up his stuff and moved to be closer to Raquel. “It was the perfect proposal.” Raquel says of their engagement on Little Palm Island in the Keys. It has been a true fairy tale and they are looking forward to living happily ever after.


“After months of preparations and seemingly endless planning, the big day was finally here. We had planned for July 7th to be perfect, that’s why the inclement weather was worrisome. The heavy downpour didnt seem to want to clear up any time soon and the wedding ceremony was scheduled to begin in an half hour.  Alex and Greg were quick to improvise for some of the pictures and surprisingly after our first glance shots, something great happened… The rain was gone and right in time! It was the perfect day we had planned for and we couldn’t have been happier! Much thanks to Alex and Greg for helping us out on our special day! These guys are the best. “

– Chris and Raquel 

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