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If only the piñata could talk…  It was the Saturday before Valentine ’s Day in 2005, Jen out for a night of fun with her girlfriends for a bachelorette party when the girls decided to stop by the local small town bar. Jen and her girlfriends were enjoying themselves when a cold breeze made Jen turn around. Something about the guy who just walked through the door struck Jen’s attention and she could not take her eyes off of him. Maybe it was his dark hair, ripped jeans, or the brown leather jacket he was wearing that reminded her of a ‘bad boy’. Whatever it was, Jen knew she found the man she would marry. Jen and this mystery man exchanged glances, only to repeat the glance every few minutes from opposite sides of the bar. Both too shy to talk to each other, Jen’s girlfriends struck up a conversation with the mystery man’s friends. Pushed into a conversation, Jen soon learned the man she was exchanging glances with was named Lucas. It was not love after first swing for Lucas and Jen, but it was friendship. The months passed and their friendship turned into an attraction that grew stronger and stronger. Before long, Lucas and Jen bought a house together and welcomed a precious baby girl into their lives. Their love for each other strengthened as the years passed by.

Christmas 2012 was spent in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Lucas was ready to ask Jen to marry him. Lucas had the proposal all planned out; dinner, movie and a walk out to the lighthouse on Lake Michigan where he would get down on one knee and ask Jen to marry him under the moon light. Only Jen refused to walk out to the lighthouse as it was 22° outside and kept telling Lucas let’s just go home. Lucas refused, so instead he drove them up on the bluff, overlooking the light house and Lake Michigan and pleaded with Jen to join him out on a park bench. With their McDonald coffees in hand, Jen and Lucas walked towards the park bench shivering when all Jen really wanted to do was just get back in the warm truck. Lucas asked Jen to sit with him for just a few minutes and she obliged. With the moon light shining down on them, Jen spilling her coffee from shivering, Lucas swung around in front of Jen on one knee and pretended to warm her up. Taken by surprise, Lucas thanked Jen for being a wonderful mother to their daughter, for sticking with him through the good and bad, and for making him so happy. Lucas then asked Jen to share the rest of her life with him and to be his wife.

Lucas and Jen’s beach wedding at Marco Beach Ocean Resort was everything they dreamed of; a sunset wedding with close family, friends, and timeless memories. A time in their lives they both with cherish forever.

Dress – David’s Bridal

Flowers – Marco Beach Florist

Rings – 24 Karate

Cake – Ella’s Cakes

Officiate name – Rev. Dr. James R. Berger

Ceremony Music – Susan Sikuta

Wedding Location – Marco Beach Ocean Resort

Wedding Coordinator – Corrin Clark

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