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One busy day in May, Yanni and Jennifer met while working back stage at a bodybuilding competition. They both caught each others eye, but didn’t get a chance to talk yet each of them saw one another’s smile from across the room.
The night came to an end with both Yanni and Jennifer leaving thinking of each other.  Weeks went by and they would run in to each other at random places with friends, catching each others smiles from across the room as they got lost in the crowd. It was the beginning of June when Yanni called Jennifer and asked her out to dinner. She  happily said of course!  They went to dinner and talked for hours . Finally,  Jennifer had to leave because she had to work out of town the next day. They had to call it a night, but Yanni sneaked in for a little kiss good night.  They both drove off smiling and thinking of one another.
They next day Jennifer was working 4 hours away and got  a call from Yanni. He has to see her again. He asked if he could take her  to dinner again no matter how far he had to drive. Jennifer couldn’t believe this! “He is driving 4 hours just for dinner!?”,  ”Sure that’s great!” She said . The two enjoyed a wonderful night of laughing and flirting like school kids enjoying the way it felt so easy and comfortable like they had known each other for years. They both can’t believe they have met each other. Saying their good nights they each left to go to their own hotels. Lying awake all night thinking of each other, “Wow, this is it. What everyone hopes for… love….”

The next morning Jennifer had to work, then returning home that night checks in with Yanni to say hi. They are spending more and more time together, they both know this is so right. So they start dating seriously and loving life. Now after 2 years the couple have found their best friend, partner in crime, love of their lives in one another and are the happiest couple in the world! Yanni proposed to Jennifer on May 6th, 2013 and they got married in November at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort! They couldn’t be happier to start their new lives together and be Mr. and Mrs. Glykas:)

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