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Justin and Melissa met on a Wednesday afternoon at her office. He had been servicing the air conditioning system and caught her eye when he walked in the door. He finished up and vanished. Melissa thought he had left and regretting having not started up a conversation with him when she had the chance. She locked the door. Ten minutes later, he pulls on the door to deliver the bill. Flustered and hopeful, she almost broke an ankle running to unlock it. As she stammered over her words, he laughed, smiled and went on his way. A few days later, he called. Asking about the air conditioning system at first, then he asked her out. Again, stuttering commenced and she says, “Um, um, yes! Yes, I’d love that!”
They met at Carrabas, enjoyed a wonderful dinner and agreed to meet again. A few days later they went to the beach. They spent the day together and finished up with some cupcakes at Bell Tower. A few days pass, he picked her up bringing flowers for her and her grandmother..awww….They headed to the Turtle Club for dinner. Spending all their free time together, it became clear to both of them that the date at Carrabbas was the last first date for both of them.
In September he took her back to the Turtle Club which was closed at the time, leading to some confusion on her part. They walk down the pathway to be met by their favorite waiter and she sees one table set up outside by the beach. There were candles everywhere, and a giant heart in the sand around the table. All for her. Dinner was amazing, and the most romantic and thoughtful date ever conceived. He started to look nervous, reached into his pocket and started telling her how he felt from his heart. No doubt in her mind that they were meant to spend forever together, she said yes. They got married on a beautiful October day at Grandezza in Estero in presence of their closest friends and family. They lived happily ever after!:)

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