Stefanie + Pat Engagement Session | Naples Engagement Photographers


Stefanie and Pat met through a mutual friend while attending Purdue University and quickly became great friends.   One night, they decided to go to dinner, just the two of them, and being together on a “date” felt so natural.  They both share the same laid-back attitude and love anything that will give them a good laugh.  They continued to date while in college together and when Pat graduated Purdue in 2004, he took a job that eventually landed him in Dallas, Texas.  Stefanie graduated in 2005 and moved to Dallas and they have been there ever since. In April 2013, Pat came home early from work to surprise Stefanie by asking her to marry him.  Stefanie surprised Pat by coming home early and although his original plan was changed, he was still able to completely surprise her with a proposal.  They are both so excited for their wedding in October and can’t wait to officially say that they married their best friend.


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