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Cameron and Shannon are both from neighboring small towns in Indiana. Cam was living and working in Indianapolis and Shannon just recently moved back to their small town area to take over her family’s business. While at work, Shannon surprisingly met Cam’s family, who loved her from the moment they met her.  They kept talking to her about how they had the perfect guy that she had to meet. Shannon politely kept brushing them off, saying over and over how she wasn’t interested (I mean come on, how would they ever work out? He lived over an hour away and she was way too busy with work to even think about dating).

It wasn’t until Cam had come home several months later for a visit during the 4th of July holiday that Shannon FINALLY gave in and decided to meet up with him for a few drinks. Needless to say the rest is history and the two haven’t left each other’s side since. After about a year of dating Cam completely redirected his life and moved back to his hometown for Shannon. Cam proposed to Shannon on a beautiful fall day at his family’s farm, where the two plan on building a home and life together.   

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