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01-naples-best-engagement-photosJoe and Jadwiga took jobs as a bartender and waitress to earn a couple dollars, but little did they know that they would meet, fall in love, and plan to spend the rest of their lives together (although he made her pay for her first drink ;). Although it wasn’t easy for Joe to earn Jadwiga’s approval, he eventually won her over with the little notes he left on her car, witty jokes, various giraffe items, and the whole tall, dark, and handsome look. The more time they spent together, the less time they could spend apart.  Joe and Jadwiga headed to the city to celebrate Joe’s 25th birthday (what a young fox!) and his last day before he began his first year of medical school. So on that warm, summer night as the sun was beginning to set; they strolled along the shore of Oak Street Beach. As they were walking, they came to the question written in stones that Jadwiga immediately said “Yes” to (she didn’t even give him a chance to ask the question!) Their love grew through their shared passion for adventure, traveling, exploring the city, and a serious sweet tooth. No matter what comes their way, they will always love each other twice as much as yesterday and still half as much as tomorrow.

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