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This young couple drove to Naples all the way from Coral Gables just to have their Engagement pictures taken by us. Well, we think it was well worth the drive! 🙂
Alyssa and Kyle “met” at the summer camp they worked at following their graduation from high school. Alyssa comes from southern Indiana, while Kyle hails from the central part of the state (it leads to a very different philosophy when it comes to cutting cards). The quotations are there because while they certainly met at the camp, they didn’t do much else. A few polite greetings and one high five were exchanged before they left the camp for college.
Lucky for the both of them, their collegiate destination was one in the same. While they may have been raised in different parts of the state, they were both raised the right way; and that way is that Indiana University is the best college in the state, bar none.
Every now and then, they’d see each other in a hall or on a bus. After a year and a half of chance encounters, Kyle summoned up enough courage to ask her on a date. As you might have surmised, it went alright.
Flash forward a couple of years and the two of them have moved to Miami following their graduation from Indiana to attend professional school. Alyssa got a degree in biology and Kyle got one in history (or, as he puts it, a degree in “cool stories to tell people”). Alyssa is studying to one day become a really great doctor at Florida International University and Kyle will do his best to become a serviceable lawyer through his studies at the University of Miami.
A Panther and a Hurricane for now, but they’re both Hoosiers for life 🙂

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